Me and My Body Book

Me and My Body is a book of body positive affirmations for little girls. In 32 full-color and rounded-edged pages, the author, Tanya Aguila, playfully writes about the many wonderful things the body can do and the many different features that make each body beautifully unique.

The author grew up with a generation that put much importance on physical looks and that placed unrealistic standards for beauty. While expecting her daughter, she was on the lookout for body positive books for her nursery and could not find any locally; This is why she embarked on this children's book project.

This book is the first of its kind in Manila.

  • Proudly Filipino

    This book is by an all-Filipino team, from conception to production.

  • First of Its Kind

    This book explores the theme of body positivity for little girls. It is the first children's book of its kind in Manila.

  • Supports Education For Impoverished Kids

    Portion of the proceeds for every sale of this book goes to Mano Amiga Foundation (Philippines).